Washington & Associates, PLLC Sports Management | Providing professional football players with exceptional representation
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Our Attorneys

Washington & Associates provides professional football players with exceptional, highly responsive representation. At Washington & Associates, PLLC we want to represent our clients for their entire lives. Therefore, we build intimate, one on one relationships with our clients. We provide representation by people with a great degree of integrity and experience on both sides of the bargaining table. We are committed to establishing a “partnership with you to develop your career on and off the field.”


During his eight (8) year tenure in the NFL, Mr. Washington served as a Union Representative for four years with the NFLPA. Mr. Washington is the only former NFL player to clerk for the NFLPA. Mr. Washington is currently on the Board of Directors Executive Committee for all active and former NFL players. Consequently, Mr. Washington is constantly involved in matters that effect all NFL players.


Derrick, a native Texan, is a licensed attorney and NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor who provides negotiating experience to VW Sports and Entertainment clients, as well as legal expertise. Parker played football at Louisiana Tech University and earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.


Todd is a native of Port Arthur, Texas and a cum laude graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M and later received his law degree from Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Mr. Vaughn is a patent and trademark attorney.

Our Services

From the moment a player joins our team, we constantly market their services to NFL teams. At Washington & Associates, PLLC our ultimate goal is to help you achieve yours—whether it is maximizing your draft status, earning a performance bonus, maximizing your value as a free agent, or long term life goals, etc. Washington & Associates, PLLC always emphasizes that it is a full-service management corporation, dedicated to provide our clients services in the following areas: legal and general services, marketing, financial supervisory support and insurance needs.

Legal Services

General legal advice • Refer all estate planning & family law matters • Patent, trademark and copyright advice • Market your skills & raise your stature for the NFL draft • Develop a strategic plan for your career • Negotiate contracts • Manage your career on a daily basis to help expand your unique


Mentoring • Community Involvement • Internship opportunities during post season/post career • Career counseling • Post career counseling • Travel arrangements • Relocation • Negotiate big ticket items (cars, homes, etc.)


Endorsement deals • Shoe deals • Trading card deals • Public appearances • Public relations


Loans for business interests, home & auto • Lines of credit • Work closely with your financial advisor on all financial matters • Work with you on cash management


Advise and assist in finding the right agent for personal lines of insurance • Place and organize all career-ending disability insurance

Past and Present Clients

Washington & Associates, PLLC wants to represent you for a lifetime.

  • Cameron Malveaux, Miami Dolphins
  • Caleb Bluiett, Jacksonville Jaquars
  • Teran Vaughn, Indianapolis Colts
  • Courtney Grixsby, St. Louis Rams

  • Thomas Wright, Cincinnati Bengals

  • Tyler Wolfe, Kansas City Chiefs

  • Deron Minor, Chicago Bears

  • Nick Landry, Kansas City Chiefs

  • Quincy Wofford, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Kasey Brown, Houston Texans

  • Joe Anderson, Chicago Bears

  • Donald Russell, Atlanta Falcons

  • Shane McCardell, Miami Dolphins

  •  Kendrick Holloway, Cleveland Browns

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